Tummy tuck a practical solution for localized fat of the abdomen

After delivery, the shape of the abdomen is no longer the same for obvious reasons, so there are interventions such as the tummy tuck that consists of getting rid of that excess that causes so much discomfort.

They resort to these surgeries because no diet or exercise can help with that problem.
If the idea is to recover your forms as soon as possible, this operation is undoubtedly the most convenient.
This operation called abdominoplasty consists of removing part of the skin and fat that is around the lower area of ​​the abdomen, its length is about fifteen centimeters. Next, the fascia of the stomach is sutured and accompanied by liposuction to generate a significantly improved silhouette and giving new shapes to your waist.

The scar that will remain will extend horizontally to the pubis and will look much better with time approaching the year, always protecting it to avoid marks.
Before you make the decision to undergo this surgery, it is essential and advisable to maintain adequate nutrition, a specially designed diet. These food tips are necessary to avoid any grease that is fixed in the area to be treated.
This is also extremely useful to have an exact knowledge of the degree of fatness in the skin where the correction will occur.
This mini abdominal operation lasts about two hours, the necessary requirement is always that you go to a specialized professional who gives you the essential indications and that it is a professional surgeon, have an anesthetist and the conditions required for the intervention , this is an operating room of a hospital, and without neglecting the requirement of a pre-surgery.
This mini tummy tuck Tijuana as indicated by its name is an operation with less complex characteristics that can be performed on an outpatient basis, with its own anesthesia locally and with a high that is defined on the day after a certain number of hours and with medical observation.

You will want to know when you can return to your usual activities; after three or four days and with the corresponding protections, such as an abdominal belt that you will have to wear for more than two weeks. You can return to your normal life, always taking special care and certain limits in physical exercise if it is your intention to join it immediately.
After having passed all this postoperative month and having done everything indicated, the inflammation begins to subside, and the first results start to be observed.
The question would be if this mini-intervention is for anyone, the truth is that thin person who has fat located in that area and has tried to get rid of it through exercises and diets have not been able to obtain satisfactory results.
Therefore, it is advisable for those who wish to use these operations as weight loss methods, because it is not an operation to lose weight.
It is a mini ambulatory intervention to reduce or remove that fat that resists prolonged exercises or special diets. This fat is localized and does not respond to usual exercises.
The best thing is that you have a good professional, entitled to know what it is about and give you the necessary advice for each case.