The postpartum breast implants

The postoperative period is a fundamental part of breast augmentation. Many patients come with their surgeon worried about whether they will hurt a lot or how long they can recover their daily lives and go back to driving or playing sports. Make your breast implants Tijuana gives you the security of a good job and at the same time a reasonable price.


The postpartum and its care are so essential after an operation that if you do not take care of yourself, the surgery may not be what you planned or there is an infection or for more days with unnecessary pain and discomfort. Always follow the recommendations of your doctor and do not try to rush the days of rest, quiet.


When you talk to the surgeon about the doubts you have, remember that it is very important that your expectations about the operation be moderate because nobody expects you to leave disappointed after six months when you see that the results are not what you expected.


What many do not know is that the postoperative influence on the result, so if done correctly and following the advice of our team, we will achieve the desired result.


  1. Rest

You have just undergone surgery, and as in any recovery process, you must avoid forcing the intervened area to get everything back to its place and for the body to adapt during the first weeks. Avoid lifting heavy things or more than 2 kilos during the following weeks.


During the first 48 hours, you have to try to avoid walking or exercising.


This does not mean that we can not make movements with the arms, but they must be careful and soft, without making efforts or carrying weight.


1.5. Try not to exercise during the following weeks, with the new weight that you are now carrying, it has to heal the healing, and the skin get used to the new weight. Remember to massage the area with oils to give hydration and not stretch marks.


  1. We should try to sleep on your back

This may be a small problem for some of us. Many patients sleep on their side and who find it difficult to get used to sleeping on their back, but soon they get used to sleeping in this way.


It is best to sleep on your back and slightly incorporated to avoid discomfort and facilitate a better rest, not to take back pains and lower back.


  1. Beware of the sun

We must pay close attention that the sun does not directly affect the scars. The sun can pigment the scars and make them more visible, so during the first 3-4 weeks, we should get as far away from the sun as possible.


After this time we must apply sun protection factor 50 or more in the area involved even wearing the bikini or swimsuit.


  1. Pay attention to the instructions of your surgeon

You must pay attention to all the guidelines and advice that your surgeon has indicated. The specialist is the one who has the knowledge and seeks the best for all his patients, so if you listen to him and follow his advice, you will take the postoperative in the best way.


On the other hand, we advise you not to stay with any doubt and ask everything to our team, who will always be willing to help you.

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

You must lead a healthy lifestyle even before the operation. Avoid alcohol, and especially tobacco is essential to maintain the level of oxygen in the blood, avoiding problems during healing.


  1. Compression

It is essential to keep the breasts compressed to avoid unwanted movements that can hinder the perfect recovery and favor the healing of the tissue.


You must use a bra that is appropriate and that suits your conditions so that nothing is bothered.


  1. Observe the results without obsession

We know that this operation makes patients very excited and that is why we know that they will be very aware of the evolution of the results, but we should not despair and expect them to be immediate.


  1. Try not to drive after the operation

With your delicate situation, it is better to make as little movement as possible or to raise your blood pressure or heart rate; it can be at the most for a week.


In this sense, we have to see that everything evolves correctly and check that it evolves in the right direction. If we observe that the bandages are stained in excess, we have a lot of pain or even fever; you have to go immediately with your surgeon.


If you are thinking about submitting to breast augmentation or have any doubt with the postoperative visit us, the first medical visit is free for our team to solve all your doubts.