The main reasons for erectile dysfunction and the solution

Let’s start with the solution; There are many different types of prostheses but the most particular in the penile prosthesis.


A little history


Approximately 40 years ago began to make tests of the new penile prosthesis, at first, a piece of rib was extracted from the client and inserted into the penis, it was done very rarely, but it served as a function of rigidity to the penis. After the rib went to a silicone contraption with a silver interior to be malleable and this novelty was very useful for a few years because it could be manipulated and could be flexed and returned to its resting state, not as with its predecessor. Always had to carry an erection which was very uncomfortable for the patient and was also a failure because a few months or years were going to remove the graft.


It is not a very complicated surgery, but it is costly because the device has to be bought and it is very sophisticated and new. It is still not a very common surgery among men, that in a normal clinic this procedure can be done at 20 men a year.


On average older adults, most of them over 60 have erectile dysfunction, which is the main reason to take seriously a penile prosthesis Tijuana.


Maybe you can feel fear and worry about this kind of surgeries, but if it’s something you really want and need for a long time here we give you a list of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction in American men. Just what you need to help you to make a definite and informed decision and stop being postponed the penile prosthesis.


What are the physical causes of erectile dysfunction


Heart diseases: The main reason that contributes to erectile dysfunction is heart disease, why? The erections are for the amount of blood that is concentrated in the penis, and when the main blood valve is failing, you can know that it will be difficult to have an erection in time.


Obesity: Obesity, diet, and erectile dysfunction have a close relationship. These pathologies are directly related to cardiovascular disorders, hypertension or diabetes and that increase the risk of presenting erectile dysfunction.


Parkinson: The problems regarding sexuality in Parkinson’s disease are, on the one hand, linked to the purely physical because there is dysautonomia and some may have impotence, a problem in which the urologist can help us with pharmacological and other treatments of non-pharmacological therapies


Smoking: The chemical substances present in tobacco (mainly, nicotine) negatively affect blood vessels throughout the body, and this also includes those of the penis. The blood vessels are affected in some way by tobacco; the flow of blood in the penis will not be adequate and, therefore, no answer can be obtained. As a result, problems will appear to start or maintain an erection.


Alcohol abuse: Alcohol slows down, distorts and slows the perception and response of our senses such as reflexes, vision, hearing or sexual response, as it depresses the functioning of the central nervous system.


Sleep disorders: Sleep disorders can be a risk factor for sexual dysfunction

in the case of men, it also decreases the levels of testosterone, a hormone that is responsible for the production of sperm as well as maintaining active sexual desire. Testosterone also has a critical role in the development of muscle mass and bone strength.


Medications: Some men can suffer a lot from the effects of certain medications losing strength in erections. If you notice that a drug is not working as it should contact your doctor. Based on the facts you need to decide on additional treatment. The treatment cannot be interrupted abruptly. The process must be carried out slowly so as not to damage your health. It can be dangerous to your health and life.


Cholesterol: Cholesterol can damage the nervous system, preventing the penis from receiving the impulses necessary to cause an erection. Moreover, there is a possibility that this pathology affects the production of testosterone. A decrease in these hormones in the body could influence the libido, as well as nullify the excitement of sexual stimuli.


Diabetes: Erectile dysfunction may occur earlier in men with diabetes than in men without diabetes. The difficulty in maintaining an erection can even anticipate the diagnosis of diabetes.


Another major cause of erectile dysfunction is sometimes simply stress or other psychological problems that we can detect more efficiently with a psychologist. Old age is also one of the most common causes, we do not have to worry so much after a certain age there is not much to do, but you can always look for new methods.


Surgeries or injuries that affect the pelvic area or the spinal cord: After an operation through the pelvic area it is difficult to get an erection because of the tiredness of the area or the pain of the effort.