If we talk about surgeries, undoubtedly one of the most famous are those that are performed on the face, especially in the nose, cataloguing it in third place of the most performed operations worldwide, before breast augmentation and liposuction. Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that many people undergo in order to improve their physical appearance. The city of Tijuana is one of the places in Mexico with the most boom in performing aesthetic surgeries because it has specialized doctors in the area. According to the Spanish site of Uniradio, nose surgery Tijuana are among the most demanded, reaching up to 50% of the total operations.

Rhinoplasty is the surgery that causes the greatest changes in physical appearance, the percentage of women who undergo this surgery is higher, but with the passage of time has increased the numbers for men and even children. With the help of rhinoplasty you can modify the size of the nose, its width and all those problems and trauma. It is important to note that people who want this type of surgery will not get a perfect nose, but will get realistic results that meet the patient’s expectations. Bone structure and cartilage areas are modified to achieve a more harmonious structure according to the shape of the face. Rhinoplasty will improve the person’s confidence, as well as their appearance; it is important that there is good communication between the surgeon and the patient in order to clarify any doubts and arrive at a satisfactory result for both.

Nose surgeries are not at all easy to do since the manipulation is carried out in a totally visible area, also, the nose has a three-dimensional shape that can complicate the procedures that are done. After the surgery, it is necessary to take a post-surgical care and thus avoid complications that put in risk the results and the health. Risks such as bleeding, infections, difficulty breathing, perforation of the septum, asymmetrical appearance, and many more. In order to avoid these problems, it is important that the patient rest and avoid greater efforts for at least one month; at the moment of rest, the person should keep his head in a specific position to reduce bleeding and swelling, avoiding congestion of the nose. Some other recommendations are:

  • Don’t blow your nose
  • Eating foods high in fiber
  • Avoid using objects near that area, such as sunglasses.
  • Use sunscreen with a minimum of 30 fps.
  • Limit high sodium intake
  • It is important to know that rhinoplasty surgery

The total recovery depends a lot on the type of surgery, for example, there is the closed rhinoplasty, which is one of the most used procedures, where the nasal problems are not so bad. With this technique, the bones and cartilage are accessed through small incisions. There are no visible scars. And there is the open rhinoplasty, which is the one for quite complicated cases where reconstruction is needed. It is very probable that there will be a small scar.

Recovery is usually quick and in about a week or two you can return to your daily routine.