Options in dentures to chew again naturally

The lack of some or many dental pieces is not only an aesthetic and even psychological difficulty, sometimes it is that you have lost all or partially your teeth, what you have lost is your mastication function.


This can bring more than aesthetic problems as consequences when speaking and expressing oneself freely.

Eating with difficulty can drag you into problems that can severely affect your health and your social life.


Recovering the mastication capacity is necessary and urgently at a psychological level as biological, oral functionality and aesthetics are more than enough reasons that require an urgent solution.

The removable dentures in Tijuana are prostheses that fulfill the function of replacing the missing teeth and can be removed and replaced.


Going back to eating, talking and smiling affects your daily life, and they will be totally part of your life because they are made as natural pieces that adapt perfectly to your facial features.


Recover habits that you thought you lost is crucial to continue your life, for this and in the case of loss of parts there are many options on alternatives in dental prostheses.


The health of your teeth is as sensitive as the rest of your body, so when a damage occurs in the structure of your mouth this can be damaged in the future at a total level.

As a solution and to be able again at the time of chewing, there is the option of dental prostheses, they are artificial and replace the original one. The original denture to be affected in whole or in part prevents proper mastication, this option of an artificial prosthesis restores your damaged parts and replace the missing. The prostheses are made to your measure, that’s why they look natural and, as a patient you will feel satisfied to achieve a solution to various problems caused by a good denture.

After an evaluation, as with any treatment your dentist will warn you the option indicated in your case.

The state of your teeth, will be crucial to know if the solution is total or partial.


This area is called prosthodontics and is responsible for carrying out these treatments.

This specialty tries to rehabilitate your mouth and to preserve its functions through dental prostheses.

Not only that, it includes its appearance, shape, original color of the pieces, whether due to total or partial loss.

It uses compatible materials to the human being and adaptable to the production of the pieces.

What is really important for this specialist is to recover the functionality of the mouth, with special attention in that you can chew again naturally.

The shapes of these artificial teeth must coincide for the process of chewing, so it is important and relevant that those who make these dentures consider facial shapes and structures otherwise they will not fulfill their main objective.

It is of the utmost importance that the specialist has an outstanding experience in resolving a denture naturally and effectively, so that it can give you maximum safety at the time of eating.