How men suffer depression in their own way

Depression affects both men and women, but the symptoms can be very different. Men who are depressed may seem angry or aggressive instead of sad. Your family members, friends and even your doctors do not always recognize anger or aggression as symptoms of depression. In addition, men are less likely than women to recognize, talk about or seek treatment for depression. However, depression affects a large number of men.

Everyone, at some point, we feel sad, irritable or from time to time we have trouble sleeping. However, these feelings and problems usually disappear after a few days. Depression is a common but serious mood disorder, which can cause significant symptoms. Depression affects the ability to feel, think and manage daily activities. A man must have symptoms for at least two weeks to be diagnosed with depression, which is also known as major or major depressive disorder or clinical depression. Also, if in your house your husband is who maintain the family it’s another weight in the back, it’s more complicated if he doesn’t have a job and he need one, you can recommend one with a dentist in Tijuana.

Although depression can affect both men and women, the willingness of men to talk about their feelings can be very different. This is one of the reasons why the symptoms of depression in men can also be very different than in women.

For example, some men with depression hide their emotions and may seem angry, irritable or aggressive, while many women seem sad or express sadness. Men with depression may feel very tired and lose interest in work, family or hobbies or hobbies. They may also have more difficulty sleeping than women who have depression. Sometimes your mental health symptoms seem to be physical problems. For example, an accelerated heartbeat, pressure in the chest, headache or digestive problems can be signs of a mental health problem. Many men are more likely to see their doctor about physical symptoms than emotional symptoms.

Some men may resort to drugs or alcohol to try to cope with their emotional symptoms. In addition, while women with depression are more likely to attempt suicide, it is more common for men to die by suicide, as they tend to use more lethal methods.

Depression can affect any man at any age. With the right treatment, most men who are depressed can improve and regain their interest in work, family and hobbies.