Holistic Dentists

How many times we have not got a pimple on any part of the face, for example, in the area of ​​the jaw, and say “It must be because I’m going to have my period.” Well, this association of some malaise with some disease also exists in the area of ​​the oral cavity. And in many cases, they are also associated with sentimental problems. This relationship that exists is known as holistic dentistry. But what does the word “holistic” refer to?

Holistic refers to considering the individual, in this case in terms of health, as a whole. A person who is conformed not only by the biological but also by those elements that surround him, social, emotional, spiritual, religious, intellectual, etc … Then, if the person presents a problem in the oral area you can see from the biological and holistic point of view; analyzing the context in which the subject lives to know if there is any relationship of the problem with any element that forms it. Dentists who practice this method consider the relationship of the whole body to the oral area. In other words, health, emotional and spiritual problems are reflected in the oral cavity.  There are many holistic dentists who use natural procedures for the treatment of the patient, incorporating flower therapies, aromatherapy, mesotherapy, among others.

Some dentists try to avoid the use of certain metals that can affect the patient’s health. It is not a procedure that arises from one day to the next, but it began to be implemented in dentistry since cases arose in which patients had high degrees of toxicity in the body due to the metals implemented in the treatments. Then, the dentists involved in this branch try to use less contaminating materials and less invasive practices for the patient, preserving the quality of the treatment.

Some practices or treatments carried out by holistic dentists are:

  • Kinesiology: Performance of a muscular test to know dental alterations.
  • Treatments free of metals (mercury).
  • Ozone treatment: Some of the benefits of this type of method are: elimination of bacteria, protection of dental enamel, acceleration of healing, among others.
  • Dentistry free of ingested fluoride: Recent research has yielded data where there is a relationship of brain and bone damage by the intake of fluoride.

As already mentioned, there is a relationship between the health of the oral cavity and the health of the rest of the body. Identifying oral problems can prevent more serious diseases. By examining the teeth, gums, palate, throat, tongue, lips, glands, and everything in the cavity. Preventing diseases that can significantly damage the immune system and other systems of the human body.

Periodontal disease:

The bacteria associated with periodontal disease can cause infections in the gums, moving to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and thus damage various systems of the body.

  • Diabetes and cardiovascular problems: The loss of teeth caused by periodontitis, generates multiple infections that raise the level of blood sugar, leading to type two diabetes or heart attacks.
  • Problems with the respiratory system.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Lack of vitamins


Dentists often look for alternatives that help improve the treatments and health of the patient, so there are several dentists in Mexico (holistic dentist Tijuana Mexico) who perform this style of practice. Holistic dentists seek a balance between traditional treatments and those that involve this practice.