Gastric sleeve surgery, what does it consist of?

Gastric sleeve surgery has become one of the most popular in recent years in Mexico, because it really helps people who cannot do it with diet or exercise to lose weight, however, it has certain characteristics that do not make it suitable for everyone. 


Gastric sleeve surgery, a new stomach!

One of the main considerations of gastric sleeve surgery is that it reduces the stomach by 80 to 90%. The surgeon removes part of the stomach and builds a very narrow tube or sleeve with the rest of it, which is practically shaped like a banana.


By reducing the size of the stomach, the amount of hormones that control appetite and insulin immediately decreases, so that the patient immediately decreases the feeling of hunger.


Gastric sleeve surgery is irreversible, so the procedure requires truly unique features.


What people are good candidates for gastric sleeve surgery?


As we eat, our stomach can change in size. If you get used to eating large amounts of food, this organ will adapt and grow. Your body cannot recycle all the excess calories, so it accumulates them in the form of fat, creating a great overweight.


Candidates for this operation must commit to notably change their eating habits, which must be complemented with physical exercise. Not all people who want to have surgery are good candidates for gastric sleeve surgery.


A good candidate must have a high body mass index (40 or more), and have health problems associated with excess weight, such as diabetes, liver or heart disease, sleep apnea, and have more than 45 kg above their ideal weight.


The patient must have family members who give them emotional support, as the patient will need to exercise regularly and eat a fairly healthy diet, which does not necessarily mean eating only salads.


What will happen before and after the surgery?

When gastric sleeve surgery Tijuana is performed, it has previously been months of work, both for the patient and his family and the surgeons, in addition to the psychologists.


The patient must certainly prepare for an extremely great change in his body. In general, most people feel much better after having this surgery, but the first few days are really painful and difficult.


Gastric sleeve surgery is a high risk operation, so you will stay the first 2 or 3 days in the hospital, to review the results of the surgery and be aware of any changes.


The first day you will not eat anything, the next day you may be given only aromatic water, and the first three weeks you should only maintain a liquid diet. Starting with liquid drinks and then porridge, soft chewy foods, and then a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.