Dental surgery of four implants, what it consists of and what new benefits it can bring you

All on 4 implants treatment in Tijuana is the ideal treatment for dental patients who no longer have all of their teeth. With this innovative technique, the new denture will have a naturalness similar to the original. This treatment is one of the many possibilities and tools offered by dentistry nowadays with the aim of being an economic procedure, lasting and with a high aesthetic impact.

These implants are similar to a normal denture and that is why it is necessary to have similar care, with the same hygiene methodology. If you are contemplating the idea of ​​replacing a dental prosthesis with implants you need to think about the benefits that you can achieve that dentures do not have, like the impossibility to chew certain foods, discomfort when speaking, and many unpleasant things for those who use them.

The innovative intervention of all on 4, consists of four implants that are supported by a number of teeth or pieces with stable character. The implants used in these surgical treatments are produced with a design specifically focused on providing functionality instantly, placing the pieces simultaneously. For these reasons, an operation to graft bone is not necessary, as it usually necessary in the absence of bone formation.

This innovative tool, which thanks to advances in dentistry is possible, is completely beneficial and is applied by dentists who have special knowledge and who are trained to handle this modern and advanced intervention.

In the case of implants where seven to ten implants were used previously, the treatment was very expensive and in the absence of bone it was necessary to perform an autograft, therefore it was much more invasive surgery. All this can be avoided with this new tool offered by modern dentistry. With this technique, the implant is dynamized in general lines, less exposed to the patient, especially in cases of lack of bones and total loss of parts.

With this surgery, you can obtain a permanent solution. To explain a little better and give you more and better information, we are talking about a stronger base or structure for these new pieces, giving these new teeth much more rigid support. This surgery can be performed simultaneously to possible extractions. The intervention consists of intravenous sedation, which gives the intervention and the patient a superior and advantageous tranquility for the entire surgery.

A perfect smile is not a superficial issue, it consists of increasing the self-esteem of a patient who is affected by the lack of his natural pieces and with this procedure he has at his disposal a formidable solution for his daily life for simple things as chew food properly and also the realization of any type of work, sports or social activities. The goal is that you can enjoy eating what you want at the time you want, without having any fear or discomfort that prevents you from doing life in fullness and totally normal.

Currently, dentistry is revolutionary and has grown rapidly, as this new treatment that produces superior efficiency, with little investment of time and with the possibility of not suffering discomfort. The recovery of the patients in its great majority presents slight pains throughout the day until arriving at the dinner in which they can eat.

In any case, it is pertinent to carry a light diet for greater effectiveness during three or four months after surgery. What makes this treatment recommendable are its advantages, as the fact does not depend on the bone graft and requires less maintenance than the traditional one. What is important as with all teeth is their care, take the necessary hygiene to always have a perfect smile. Synthesizing with this surgery you can obtain an impeccable smile, natural and easy to maintain, that will allow you to have high self-esteem, greater confidence and with the objective of forgetting the removable prosthesis.