Dental implants, how to select your best dentist

It is important to recognize when the lack of teeth is harming us. If we can not eat well, the teeth are suffering a sudden movement in our mouth, our mouth hurts, we are uncomfortable and angry unnecessarily all the time, so that continues to endure it if we can go for dental implants in Tijuana with an excellent dentist?


One of the biggest causes of tooth loss is periodontal disease or periodontitis. In its first stage, it is manifested producing an infection in the gums, gingivitis, reversible character. If it is not treated it will evolve into an irreversible disease that affects even the supporting bone of the teeth, known as periodontitis.


Even knowing how dangerous it is to walk through life without teeth, many people ignore the problem. One of the main reasons why you are avoiding dental implants is maybe because in your area they are very difficult to pay, the prices are very high everywhere for this new modality of dental treatment or perhaps this is very new for you and not You know what it is, well, in this article we will help you solve your doubts, starting with:


What are dental implants?


The implants are like a fabricated support that resembles the screws. They are used in the lower and upper jaws and are inserted surgically into the jawbone to become a stable base to replace the teeth artificially.


The implant only acts as the root of the teeth. The crown, bridge or denture that is placed on the implant will look and act like a natural tooth that was lost.


If what you are looking for is something firmer than a denture this is an excellent option because you do not have to remove it at night


Why do I need them?

When one or more teeth are missing, naturally changes in the jaw begin to occur; the teeth begin to slide towards the side that is empty to fit between the other teeth and fit well in the jaw, the bite is modified, there is an imbalance and without taking into account the pain that this causes, while more teeth are missing and more hard time without solving it more will be the possibility that in the way of wanting to meet with the other tooth is lost and is clogged or that the top tooth does not have a support below loosen and fall.


For the reasons above we have to worry right away when we are missing teeth


How much do implants cost?


In the USA they are not cheap, now they are the novelty and the American dentists have not missed the boom of the implants, while the demand increases also the prices do. Many people do not solve their problem of missing teeth because they do not have the financial means to pay for this kind of procedures that sometimes and in many parts it is normal for each tooth to cost more than $ 4000 per implant, plus the x-rays that many dentists require the patients to do and that too many times is unnecessary, which raises the initial costs that were already expensive.


The best option to get implants at an affordable price and that is with a reliable dentist and quality is leaving your city and if you live in California coming to Mexico will be the best option for prices and proximity in what you spend most is in have made the decision before and have suffered all that time.


I am a candidate?

Your gums have to be healthy, your bone structure has to be healthy and preferably not smoking, too weak the jaw, people with diabetes or those who are always grinding their teeth


The success of dental implants depends on how punctual you attend the visit with your dentist and the rigorous cleaning you have, otherwise having them will be more of a problem than not having them. Do not forget that having dental implants is a commitment and you have to be very responsible with them and with your mouth.


But always remember to check with your dentist so that he can honestly tell you if you are a candidate or not for this procedure.


How are implants placed?

It is done in the dentist’s office with which you decided to treat


The implant is placed with a surgery, the anesthesia is placed and the incision is made to remove if there is still a bit of the root remaining and if not only the implant that will serve as the new root of the tooth is placed, it is left for 6 months to see how it is received and that the bone is wrapped so that the implant can be kept in place


At the end of that period, another extension of the implant is placed and then another month for this tissue to heal and finally to put on the dental crowns.