Benefits of a weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery has multiple prejudices, mainly due to the fact that the results of the most invasive ones are irreversible, as well as the fear caused by the fact that the stomach capacity can be reduced.

However, the reality is that, contrary to popular belief, weight loss surgery has many benefits, which are especially useful for someone who has suffered complications from being overweight, and in this article we will define what they are. 

Disappearance of overweight diseases

Weight loss surgery, regardless of liposuction, or bariatric surgeries, ensures the disappearance of diseases associated with being overweight.

The most obvious is obesity, because after going through a liposuction, the adipose tissue that caused this disease will be gone, and you will have a body mass index according to your ideal weight. 

If you get surgery such as gastric sleeve or bypass, it is guaranteed that you will never be overweight or obese again, because limiting the amount of food you eat does not reach the level of fat needed to cause these disorders.

In addition, weight loss surgeries cause diseases like type 2 diabetes to disappear in the medium and long term, because after this you will have to follow a very strict diet for the rest of your life, so you will not be able to consume more sugar and, consequently, you will be able to recover from this disease.

These types of cosmetic procedures also require that once you are fully recovered, you follow a specific exercise routine, so you will always be in shape and enjoy good health from now on.

Tijuana: An excellent city for cosmetic surgery

A constant concern of people willing to undergo cosmetic surgery is the place where the procedure is going to be performed, because if there is enough budget to go to medical tourism, the least that is expected is that the procedures and good accompaniment are guaranteed. If this is your case, we have good news for you: Tijuana is a good place for weight loss procedures.

Weight loss surgery Tijuana has gained special relevance during the last decade, since with the arrival of doctors from the United States, the coverage and demand for these procedures in the city has considerably increased.


This city is an excellent place to undergo weight loss surgery, and many other procedures because, in addition, to the good treatment that patients receive before the operation, after it and during the postoperative period, since the vast majority of the specialized clinics have professionals in psychology who will give you their support at all times, as well as group therapy sessions so that you can be in contact with people in the same situation and, consequently, make your recovery more bearable.