Acne, a prevalent problem

The appearance of acne can cause many insecurities in people, mainly when they are in a stage of growth, for example in adolescence. Young people tend to have many problems with this issue as it can cause discomfort, especially when they are events where they need to look as flawless as possible so that both the hairstyle, makeup and formal dresses in San Antonio look according to what the person wants.

The acne is an inflammation that is generated in the pilosebaceous, to exist a swelling in this area, the pores are obstructed, causing that the sebum doesn’t flow and is retained which gives rise to the pimples.

The pimples are categorized in two: open and closed, and the last one can cause pustules (pus), papules and nodules, one of the main characteristics of these is that they usually leave scars at the time of removal.

Just as there is the classification of the pimples, there are also in the acne. It is mainly divided into comedogenic, papulopustular or nodulocystic; this depending on which one predominates more in the skin.

When the person already has a severe acne problem, a visit to a dermatologist is recommended to thoroughly evaluate the patient’s skin condition. It is essential to keep in mind that this pathology can occur in different stages of our lives, both in babies and adults, as well as in different parts of our body.

Many times the appearance of comedones can be a genetic factor, but food and hygiene play a vital role in their emergence. To prevent or counteract the rise of comedones is recommended:

  • Wash the face twice a day with soaps according to the type of skin, with the aim of not modifying the PH.
  • To have a unique towel for the area of the face, to avoid contagion to other parts of the body, you can use cotton or let the face dry naturally.
  • Use a tonic according to the needs of the skin.
  • Use a cream according to our skin type and needs.
  • The sunscreen is essential for this type of faces as it will prevent the spots from getting worse.
  • Change pillowcases at least once a week.
  • Other products can be used to reinforce skincare, but it is important to consult your dermatologist first. 

If the individual wishes some special treatment to the dermatological procedure, the persona can go to a cosmiatra to carry out a deep cleaning, which consists:

  1. Clean the face to remove all the dirt found in this area.
  2. To open the pores, we need vaporization, to make the extraction easier.
  3. With the help of a tool, the removal of pimples will be carried out, with the necessary hygiene.
  4. Treatment can be applied before extraction to help soften the pimples.
  5. A device is used to permit the cicatrization, oxygenation and to eliminate bacteria’s.
  6. The face is cleaned again to get rid of impurities.
  7. The skin is gently exfoliated.
  8. Specific products are used to meet the needs of the skin, such as vials.
  9. If this type of active ingredient is used, it is vital to use a device that helps to improve the penetration of the ingredients.
  10. The masks will allow hydration and lower the inflammation of the skin.
  11. Products are used according to the type of skin.

It is recommended that the person treats acne as it can later have significant consequences, which could end in surgical interventions.